Frequently Asked Questions

About RIVR Tech

RIVR Tech is the brand name for Lumbee River EMC’s internet, Wi-Fi, and phone services. In 2014, Lumbee River EMC won a grant to build a fiber network within its membership area. After partnering with other providers for years, we decided to take back ownership of our fiber internet and voice services as RIVR Tech.

We share staff, offices, and a mission to serve our communities—but while Lumbee River EMC is an electric co-op that serves our member-owners, RIVR Tech lives outside of that umbrella to deliver broadband and voice services to our members. What that means for you is the Lumbee River EMC team you know and trust will also be providing you with fiber internet, voice, and the exceptional technical support and customer service you’ve counted on for years.

RIVR Tech offers residential and business internet with speeds up to 1 Gig, Managed Wi-Fi, and voice services. Our managed Wi-Fi service, Wi-Fi Pro, allows you to customize your home Wi-Fi network, set parental controls, keep your network and devices secure, and more from a convenient mobile app. To learn more about benefits and prices visit our Wi-Fi Pro page. Powered by ultra-dependable fiber, our phone plan gives you a high-quality connection, unlimited calling, and premium calling features. See our Residential Voice page for plans and pricing.

In 2014, Lumbee River EMC won a grant to build a fiber network in underserved and unserved areas in rural Robeson County, including Rennert, Union, Pembroke, Red Springs, and nearby locations. These areas are now being served by RIVR Tech, with plans for expansion of the network in the works. You can check service availability for your address here.

We understand that many rural communities in our service area still need reliable access to high-speed internet—which can boost economic development, create jobs, improve educational opportunities, and increase our overall quality of life. RIVR Tech has plans to expand our fiber network to bring this essential resource to unserved and underserved households and businesses in all of our service areas. Keep an eye on our News page for updates on our network expansion.

Service Availability

To see if RIVR Tech service is available at your address, visit the Check Availability page on our website. Fill out the form on that page or give us a call at 910-843-4131 to register your interest. New orders will be accepted in January 2023.

The interactive map on our Homepage shows our tentative plan for fiber availability. You can hover and click on your area or enter your service address to check the status. We will also update our website and Facebook page, with future expansion information.

Coming soon.

Coming soon.

Internet Service

The answer to this question depends on many factors, including the size of your household, how many devices you own, and what you typically do online. RIVR Gig offers speeds up to 1 Gig (1,000 Mbps), making it a fantastic option for larger or more connected households spending lots of time online. If you have a smaller household, or don’t do much more than stream and surf the web, 1 Gig may be more than you need.

Visit our Internet page for a more detailed breakdown or give the RIVR Tech team a call at 910-843-4131 for help making your decision.

There are no data caps or extra charges for the amount of data you consume. All plans come with unlimited data, so you can surf, stream, game, and do whatever you need to do online without worry.

Fiber is the gold standard in high-speed internet technology. Data moves as pulses of light over extremely thin strands of fiberglass, a fraction of the thickness of a strand of hair. This light-speed data transmission provides the upload speeds necessary for smooth video calls, lag-less gaming, seamless file sharing, and households with multiple, heavy internet users.

Unlike other internet technologies, such as copper cables, fiber is capable of delivering symmetrical upload and download speeds. Additionally, fiber does not rely on metallic conductors to run, so unreliable weather and power outages rarely threaten your signal.* Simply put, its speed and reliability are lightyears faster and better than any other broadband option.

*In order to maintain an internet connection during a power outage, your router needs to be powered by a battery back-up (or another power source).

By “symmetrical speeds,” we mean having the same speed when you’re downloading data (e.g. streaming a movie) as when you’re uploading data (e.g. sending an email). Other internet technologies, like cable, typically offer high download speeds and low upload speeds. But with RIVR Tech fiber, you can enjoy the same speeds no matter what you’re doing online.

You can connect more than 250! That may sound like a lot, but you probably have more smart devices in your home than you realize. Beyond cell phones, computers, tablets, and smart TVs, consider other smart devices like your refrigerator, heating and cooling systems, doorbell camera, security system, water leak monitoring system, etc.

Visit to test the speed of your internet connection. Remember that there are many factors that can prevent you from getting the advertised speed on your internet plan, including distance from your router, whether you’re using Wi-Fi or ethernet (ethernet will always be faster), and how many devices are currently connected to your network.

Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Pro Service

RIVR Tech’s Wi-Fi Pro is a Managed Wi-Fi service that gives you advanced tools to make your internet work for you—all from a convenient mobile app. Here are just a few ways Wi-Fi Pro helps you take control of your internet:

  • Create profiles for household members and their devices
  • Prioritize bandwidth to the devices that need it most (like your work computer)
  • Set limits on screen time and block inappropriate content for better peace of mind while the kids are online
  • Keep devices safe with 24/7 threat monitoring, and get alerted when suspicious activity is blocked

For a more detailed look at the service, visit the Wi-Fi Pro page.

Your devices can access the internet in two ways: by a wired connection (where your device connects to the router using an ethernet cord) or wirelessly (via Wi-Fi). To achieve the maximum internet speed on your plan, you need a wired connection. Keep in mind, your devices’ capabilities also impact your ability to achieve your maximum available internet speed. Your RIVR Tech Wi-Fi router also allows you to connect devices to the internet wirelessly. Be aware, Wi-Fi can sometimes have interferences, slowing down the speed of your connection.

Wi-Fi uses radio waves to send and receive signals to and from your wireless router. These radio waves connect your devices to the internet. RIVR Tech’s dual-band, Wi-Fi 6-enabled GigaSpire router provides longer range, higher efficiency, and less interference compared to earlier generations of Wi-Fi technology. In plain terms, that means you can enjoy a stronger signal throughout your home, with far fewer interruptions.

Voice Service
  • Anonymous Call Rejection       
  • Call Block           
  • Call Forward Always    
  • Call Forward Busy Line                
  • Call Forward Don’t Answer      
  • Call Forward Not Reachable   
  • Call Forward Selective                 
  • Call Logs                
  • Call Return  
  • Call Waiting      
  • Caller ID               
  • Caller ID Delivery Blocking       
  • Do Not Disturb                 
  • Find-Me/Follow-Me     
  • Speed Dial         
  • 3 Way Calling  
  • Voicemail           
  • Voicemail to Email

You can see the star code shortcuts in our Star Code User Guide.


No, electric services and broadband services will be billed separately. Your electric bill will come from Lumbee River EMC; internet and voice bills will come from RIVR Tech.

RIVR Tech bills are generated on the 12th of each month and should reach the member around the 15th and include any applicable charges for voice and internet services.

Visit the My Account page to see the many options for paying your bill.

If payment is not received by the due date, a $6 late penalty will be applied 5 days after the due date.

If the bill is not paid, a cut-off notice will be mailed and service will be disconnected on the 15th of the following month.

If the account is disconnected, the total amount due on the account (past due + current charges) plus a $25 reconnection fee will be required to restore service.

RIVR Tech participates in the following government program(s) available for customers seeking financial assistance:

  • Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) – This program is also provided by the FCC and offers assistance in paying for broadband services. For program details and eligibility requirements, visit
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