The Wind-Down of the ACP

On January 11, 2024, the FCC issued an order regarding the wind-down of the ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program). It states that the ACP is expected to end in April 2024 (this date is an estimate and may change) unless additional funds are approved by Congress.

What does this mean for you?

  • If funding does run out as expected (April 2024), you will no longer receive the ACP
    discount for your internet service and will be fully responsible for the standard rate of your chosen plan
    . However, at this time, no billing changes will be made.
  • Once we know when the ACP ends, we will communicate the impact to your bill and the
    service plan options that are available.
  • We will provide further updates as details become available.

For more information about the program wind-down, please visit: or contact
our office at 910-843-4131.

Thank you for choosing RIVR Tech as your internet provider. We are proud to have
participated in the ACP program and look forward to continuing to meet your internet needs
for years to come

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