Policy No. 2300 

Policy on Charging Customers for Additional Installation Services 


This policy outlines the guidelines for charging customers for additional installation services, such as phone jack installations, additional wiring, equipment relocation, wall fish, and other related activities. These charges apply when the requested services go beyond the standard installation covered by the initial agreement or require extra resources or materials. 

This policy applies to all employees involved in sales, installation, and customer service functions for RIVR Tech. 

1. Service Description: 

Standard Installation: The standard installation includes the basic setup defined in the customer agreement, the connection of one existing phone jack, basic wiring, and equipment placement at pre-designated locations. 

Additional Installation Services: Any additional work requested by the customer beyond the standard installation, such as phone jack installations, additional wiring, equipment relocation, wall fish, or other customized setups, will be considered additional installation services. 

2. Provided Equipment and Costs: 

Labor Charges: Additional installation services require extra labor from our technicians. Based on the complexity and estimated time required, a labor charge will be applied. The labor charge will be calculated at the prevailing hourly rate for each technician involved in the service. 

Material Costs: Any additional materials or equipment, such as phone jacks, cables, connectors, wall plates, or specialized tools needed for the additional installation services, will be charged to the customer at current market rates. A detailed breakdown of material costs will be provided upon request. 

3. Customer Approval: 

Prior Cost Communication: Before proceeding with any additional installation services, the customer will be informed about the associated charges and provided with a detailed estimate. This ensures transparency and gives the customer the opportunity to make an informed decision. 

Customer Consent: Customer consent, ideally in writing via an updated agreement or work order, is required before conducting any additional installation services that involve charges beyond the original agreement. 

4. Billing and Payment: 

Billing Method: Additional installation services, including labor charges and material costs, will be invoiced separately from the standard service charges. These charges will be clearly specified on the customer’s invoice. 

Payment Terms: Customer payment for additional installation services is due within the standard payment terms specified in the customer agreement. Late payments may be subject to the applicable late payment fees as outlined in our company’s financial policies. 

5. Documentation: 

Work Order: All additional installation services must be documented in a work order, specifying the requested services, the associated charges, and the customer’s consent. This helps ensure clarity, accuracy, and proper record-keeping. 

Internal Records: All documentation related to additional installation services, including quotes, agreements, work orders, and communication with the customer, should be accurately maintained in the customer’s file for future reference. 

These guidelines may be subject to change based on internal revisions or updates to customer agreements. All employees are responsible for staying informed about any updates and communicating them effectively to customers. By adhering to these policies and guidelines, RIVR Tech aims to provide clear expectations and maintain transparency regarding additional installation services, ensuring fair and equitable charges for the company and our valued customers. Please direct any questions or concerns regarding this policy to the appropriate department manager or supervisor. 


All employees are responsible for abiding by the provisions of this policy. 

The President & CEO is responsible for the administra􀆟on and enforcement of this policy. 

The Board of Directors shall be responsible for any change or revision to this policy. 

Adopted: Minutes of November XX, 2023 

Approved: Elaine O. Chavis, Secretary 

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