Great internet is about more than speed.

It’s about making your life easier, both online and offline. That’s why RIVR Tech offers Wi-Fi Pro. Customize your home network settings, create time limits and more with parental controls, and surf the web safely with always-on network security, all from the CommandIQ app.

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Take control with CommandIQ

  • Create profiles for household members
  • View and manage devices connected to your network
  • Set up a guest network (no more password sharing)
  • Manage parental control settings
  • Run security tests and view blocked threats
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Internet rules for the whole household

Parental controls aren’t just for children. Create rules that give you peace of mind while the kids are online—or set time limits to ensure you’re not scrolling social media when you should be asleep.

  • Create custom settings for every family member
  • Schedule screen time limits and pause Wi-Fi access
  • Filter and block inappropriate content, websites, and apps
  • Prioritize work and school devices for uninterrupted Wi-Fi when you need it

Protect your devices from harm

Our always-on security features keep your home Wi-Fi network—and all of your connected devices—safe.

  • Continuously scans for and alerts you to threats via the CommandIQ app
  • Stops malware, viruses, and intrusions from reaching your devices
  • Protects vulnerable devices, like security cameras
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